Food Frauds

Food Frauds

In our effort to eat healthy, we all pick out foods that read labels like “MULTIGRAIN”, “NO ADDED SUGAR” or “LOW FAT”. But as tempting and legit these label sounds- how well do we know that these labels that we pick actually help us to stay healthy or are they just plain frauds in sight.

Our clinical dietician and weight loss expert Drishti Brijlani will share some facts and save you from being cheated by these frauds!


A lot of us drink fruit juices thinking they have real fruits in them. But the reality of it is that these juices are loaded with fruit flavoured sugar which is as unhealthy as any sugary drink which lacks everything from Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Fibre. 

Doesn’t it feel like you’ve been cheated? Well most of us are! So, what you can do is try out some fresh cold pressed juices or vegetables, and not miss out on any of these amazing, healthy fibre and nutrients.


We all are crazy about ordering a delicious scoop of frozen yogurt and enjoying it thinking that it's healthy, but before you go ordering another scoop do know that they are filled with Artificial Flavourings, Preservatives and Fat Loaded toppings that are about to burst your bubble.

Your best bet would be to make a homemade plain yogurt with just a drizzle of honey and any fruit of your choice to enjoy this delicious frozen treat the right way!


There have been times when sugar free foods ruled our world thinking they are helping us lead a better “Sugar free” life. But what lies behind this is a sugar filled scam you need to know!

Most sugar free sweetners come with dangerous hidden ingredients and mogrosides, which are known to be 200 times more sweeter than natural sugar known to increase your appetite, prevent weight loss and cause cancer. 

Yes, Cancer so don’t you think natural resources of sugar are better?


Aah! The ever so healthy granola bars conjures up thoughts of oats, grains and nuts all nicely moulded into an easy to eat bar that gives us energy. But BEWARE- what lies behind these wrappers is a nutritional mess!

You must be wondering how? Well, granola bars contain sugar filled ingredients like a chocolate sheath that can be as bad as eating a real candy because a lot of bars contain high fructose corn syrup which has been linked to our nightmare- Weight Gain increasing our cholesterol levels and diabetes.  


Health drinks like probiotic drink, sports drink, and milk based drinks tops the "Highest in Nutrition" list in all household that are given to all school kids. But did you know the common ingredients found in all of these drinks are glucose syrup, wheat flour, salt, fat reduced coca and of course the king SUGAR. Too harsh right?

So, the next time you give any of these above drinks to your kids ask yourself are they really energy winning? 


Don’t get fooled by these FRAUDS the next time you go shopping. Eat Healthy, Be Wealthy and Wise!  

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